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Marianne Turner 1957 - 2013

Formerly Regional Archaeologist (Northland) for the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, and Lecturer in archaeology in the Department of Anthropology University of Auckland. Most recently she worked as a consulting archaeologist. Her PhD in Anthropology was from the University of Auckland.

Marianne died in October 2013 as a result of a car accident earlier in the year. There is an obituary by Peter Sheppard in Archaeology in New Zealand 56(4):182-185.

Research Interests

Marianne's research interests included:

  • The archaeology of harbours, with a regional focus on Waikato-Raglan, Kawhia and Aotea Harbours.
  • Pitcairn Island and other islands of South East Polynesia: Stone tools and trade and exchange networks from a technological perspective.

PhD Thesis

The Function, Design and Distribution of New Zealand Adzes - is available on line.

PhD from the University of Auckland.

Recent Publications

  • Turner, M., K. Hill, and R. Clough. 2005. Chinese Artefacts from a Site at Wakefield St, Auckland. Archaeology in New Zealand 48(3):260-278.
  • Turner, M., 2004. Functional and technological explanations for the variation among early New Zealand adzes. New Zealand Journal of Archaeology 26:57-101.
  • Bickler, S.H. and M. Turner. 2002. Food to Stone: Investigations at the Suloga Stone Tool Manufacturing Site, Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea. Journal of the Polynesian Society v.111.

Conference Papers

  • Turner, M., 2007. The reworking stategy: Its central role in early New Zealand adze technology. Australian Archaeological Conference, Sydney, Australia, September.
  • Turner, M., 2007. Artefacts from Pitcairn Island: The weird and the wonderful. New Zealand Archaeological Association Conference, Hanmer Springs, New Zealand, June.