The Penguin Field Guide to New Zealand Archaeology

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Kevin Jones 2007

The Blurb:

A book aimed at the general lay reader, which covers many of the most famous archaeological sites in New Zealand. Its small format and plastic sleeve make it a very practical field guide to be used when out and about. The book begins with a general history of archaeology in New Zealand, the kinds of sites we have here – pa, pits, middens, umu, redoubts and mines to name just a few – and useful general information on visiting.

Part two is divided into regions, covering sites of Maori origin to later, nineteenth-century industrial archaeology such as coal- and goldmining. Selected sites in each region have a thumbnail description of the key points of interest, details of how to get there and a full description of how to walk around it and to appreciate its features, as well as maps, visitor information, plans and illustrations of specific places.

ISBN 9780143020707

Publisher: Penguin NZ