Thames School of Mines

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Thames School of Mines

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101 Cochrane Street, Thames.

Thames was a centre for underground mining. It was also an industrial centre supporting the the gold mining industry there and in the region. The school was one of many that taught mining and general engineering skills relevant to mining and heavy engineering. It operated between 1886 and 1953. The school is essentialy intact with its collections of geological specimens and workshps.

There has been archaeological investigation at the site:

Twohill, N. 1999 The grounds of the Thames School of Mines. Archaeology in New Zealand 42(3):248-265.

Aside from that the site is an essential place to visit as part of any tour of Coromandel goldmining heritage.

This is a NZ Historic Places Trust property.


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The museum does not have its own website. The Historic Places Trust has a page on its website, here.