Te Toki Me Te Whao: The Story of Maori Carving Tools

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Te Toki Me Te Whao: The Story of Maori Carving Tools

Clive Fugill 2016, Oratia Media, 152pp. ISBN 9780947506131


Te Toki me te Whao is the first book by one of New Zealand's most esteemed experts in wood carving - and the first book dedicated to Maori tool technology since Elsdon Best's Stone Implements of the Maori (1912). Building on a lifetime of study and experience, Clive Fugill provides a complete historical record as well as a practical guide in the use of Maori tools and technology. The book traces the mythical origins of wood carving and stone implements in the Pacific, location and use of materials in New Zealand, the manufacture of tools, and how to use them in making works in wood, stone and bone. Illustrated with over 80 of Clive's superb drawings, and colour photos by Chris Hoult, this is a book for the ages.

Clive Fugill (Ngati Ranginui, Tainui) has been Master Carver at the NZ Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, Rotorua, for over 30 years. A graduate of the institute in 1969, he has taught most leading contemporary carvers and has himself carved and exhibited around New Zealand and the world. He acquired his first adze when he was nine, beginning a lifelong passion that finds expression in this, his first book.