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Alan Taylor 1933-2016


Taylor was born in Britain and served in the Korean War. He was a prisoner in North Korea and China and disillusioned by Britain's treatment of returned prisoners, (they were suspected of having been brainwashed) he migrated to New Zealand in 1953.

He became enamored of Maori culture and history. His many short archaeological publications came from this interest and his self-taught archaeological field work. The sites he explored were under threat from development before there was any legal protection and in several cases his notes are the only records existing of lost sites. He had little engagement with the archaeological community of the time.

His book length publications show his capacity for extensive documentary as well as field research. His recognition of Maori folk art was in advance of any others.

His later career was as an expressionist artist working in bright multiple colours, expressing rather than representing New Zealand landscape and in much of it calling up its history. It was often deliberately naive and primitive.

Taylor identified with radical movements and in his life and art was often associated with protest movements.

Alister Taylor has published an obituary[1].



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