Sweat in the sun mate

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Sweat in the Sun Mate

The cover by Robin White
An 12 inch LP by The Fernfire Singers, Susan Bulmer and Garry Law of campfire songs of the Auckland University Archaeological Society.

Rudy Sunde and Pat Sunde were two of the three members of the Fernfire Singers. John Walton was the third. Pat and Rudy were regular diggers up till the late 1960s.

The original recording was in November 1967 at Auckland University and was a farewell gift to Roger and Kaye Green who were leaving New Zealand for Hawaii at the time. Only 50 copies were produced. A small reissue on CD was made in 2004 on the occasion of the NZAA 50th anniversary.

The reverse

The tracks are:

This Land is Your Land (You Tube)

Katya (You Tube)

Delve into a Midden (Sue Bulmer)

Charlie Mops (You Tube)

The Wakamarina

There Was Once a Poor Young Man

The Day the Pub Burnt Down

Down on my Luck

Greenland Whale Fishery

Hi Jolly (Sue Bulmer)

Four Nights Drunk (You Tube)


Dulcie (Garry Law)

Sarah's Gully Song

The Man that Waters the Workers Beer

The Diggers Farewell

Shanties by the Way