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Nigel Prickett

Information from NZAA website on the awarding of Auckland Museum Medal in 2011.

'Associate Emeritus of the Auckland War Memorial Museum 2011'

Nigel Prickett was Curator of Archaeology at Auckland War Memorial Museum from 1979 until his retirement in 2008, and in addition Manager - Human History 2003-08.

He was awarded a BA from Victoria University in 1968, MA with First Class Honours in Anthropology from the University of Otago (1974) and a PhD from the University of Auckland (1981). In 1974-75 he was Director of the Taranaki Museum in New Plymouth.

Dr Prickett was made an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Archaeological Association in 2002 after serving on its Council and for many years editing its newsletter and monograph series.

In a long contribution to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust he was a Board member and Chairman of the Archaeology Committee from 1981 to 1984.

His research interests include New Zealand historic and Maori archaeology; Maori and European fortifications; archaeology and history of the New Zealand Wars; 19th century sealing and shore whaling (the most recent fieldwork being on Campbell Island in early 2011) and the archaeology and social history of New Zealand country halls.

Dr Prickett's current work includes a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund project with Dr lan Smith of Otago University on shore whalers.