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Scott Pilkington

Education administrator and cultural heritage researcher.

Scott standing in the University of Auckland biological anthropology teaching lab next to a bonobo skeleton



  • Scott is currently one a handful of people to have ever written anything on the Albert Park Tunnels
  • Also rings church bells and was the handbells conductor at Saint Matthews-in-the-city
  • Also interested in the history of science, particularly natural history and natural philosophy in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Also interested in historic archaeology, bioarchaeology, and palaeoreconstructions.
  • Scott was awarded a Summer Studentship (2009/2010) by the Research Centre for Surface Material Science (RCSMS), Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland to test surface morphology techniques using anthropological data as a model.

Recent Publications


Unpublished reports:

Journal articles:

Public presentation:

  • Pilkington, Scott. 2008. Shelter from the Rising Sun – a history of the air raid shelter tunnels under Albert Park. Paper presented to the West Auckland Historical Society, October 2008

Works in Progress

  • Applications of surface morphology analysis in anthropological and archaeological research
  • The ‘Terror’ and Auckland 1890-1945
  • Modern ecological practices and palaeoecological evidence : a comparison
  • Developing a protocol for the taphonomy of burnt human skeletal remains
  • A history of ornithological publications in New Zealand 1859-1900

Education Qualifications

  • BA - history and anthropology - University of Auckland
  • BA(Hons) - anthropology - University of Auckland
  • PGDipArts - museums and cultural heritage - University of Auckland
  • DipILS - archives management - Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

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