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More properly twin sites of Oruarangi and Paterangi. Ths site is a key one in the archaeological definition of Maori material culture. The definitive publication is Furey[1] 1996. The site has an unfortunate history of poor excavation techniques and unethical investigation of at least part of the site.

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Archaeologists with an association with the site include, Vic Fisher, Simon Best, Wilfred Shawcross, John Terrell, Jack Golson, Sue Davis and David Teviotdale

Best, S. 1980 Oruarangi Pa: past and present investigations. New Zealand Journal of Archaeology 2:65-91.

Furey, L 1996 Oruarangi: The archaeology and material culture of a Hauraki pa. Bulletin of the Auckland Institute and Museum No. 17.