Oropi Downs, Tauranga sites U14/3056, U14/3216 and U14/1941

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Three sites were investigated as part of a rescue archaeology package in advance of a land development.

Location and Date

Oropi Valley - as part of the Oropi Downs Development south of Tauranga.

<googlemap lat="-37.732168" lon="176.165771"> -37.750087, 176.136932, Oropi Downs </googlemap>


Prehistoric Maori Sites

U14/3056 Midden site with small pits, oven scoops and post holes exposed on excavation.

U14/3216 Pit site with ovens and post holes

U14/1941 Pit site with post holes and midden. The midden was analysed for its shellfish contents. Microfossil and charcoal analysis was undertaken. There are three radiocarbon dates from the site.


CFG Heritage, lead by Matthew Campbell.


Very few artefacts were found in the three site. There was some obsidian.


Archaeological investigation of sites U14/3056, U14/3216 and U14/1941, Oropi Downs, Tauranga: Final report Matthew Campbell and Beatrice Hudson, unpublished report 2008 - on line at http://www.cfgheritage.com/2006_3oropidowns.pdf