Omokoroa Tauranga, U14/712 Lower Terrace

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U14/712 Lower Terrace


The site showed some evidence of time depth with inter-cut pits and firescoops cut by later pits.

Midden analyses were performed on some midden samples. One fish species was identified.

The site had one carbon date performed on identified charcoal. The result indicated 16th to 18th century as the date range.

The site may have been part of the adjacent site but had a sufficient range of evidence to indicate it could have been sufficient in itself.

Location and Date

Omokoroa Peninsula, Bay of Plenty adjacent to the site with the same site number excavated in 2004. It was the last remaining part of the site.



Undefended site with pits, firescoops, postholes and midden


CFG Heritage team lead by Louise Furey.


Ten obsidian flakes were found.


U14/712 Lower Terrace Unpublished report 2001 Louise Furey