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Archaeology and heritage issues on Nine to Noon RNZ 2011-2012

Interviews on Radio New Zealand by Kathryn Ryan

Brigid Gallagher 8 March 2012

Why it's important to advocate for heritage; fossickers and fieldwork.

Topics include: Christchurch Cathedral Demolition, Time Time UK, Use of XRF, Rebuilding Christchurch, New Research Centre, Medals award to Nigel Prickett.

Brigid Gallagher 2 February 2012

Archaeologist Brigid Gallagher discusses historic mining remains; railway cycle tracks; how to make heritage and archaeology interesting to the young; and how possum teeth can help pinpoint the origin of human remains.

Brigid Gallagher 8 December 2011

Getting in the Christmas spirit.

Brigid Gallagher 10 November 2011

Risk generally to coastal heritage sites and the new bill in parliament about preservation.

Brigid Gallagher 6 October 2011

Archaeological conservator and presenter of the hit British TV show Time Team.

Brigid Gallagher 27 June 2011

Brigid Gallagher, Archaeological conservator and presenter of the hit British TV show Time Team.

Earlier Broadcasts

Simon Holdaway 22 November 2010

Simon Holdaway is Professor of Archaeology and Head of Department for Anthropology at the University of Auckland. He's led archaeological research projects all over the world, including Australia and Egypt, where his studies have shed light on the way climate change over the millennia has affected human populations, and recently he's uncovered a Maori settlement in Taranaki.