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Welcome to - the online resource for Pacific Archaeologists

This website is designed for those interested in New Zealand and Pacific archaeology. It is in the form of a Wiki, allowing many people to contribute.

Information already here includes pages on excavations, people, techniques and other professional resources.

It is a moderated website. If you are interested in the project or have material you think would be good for the site then feel free to email us at

As with all Wikis some of the information is brief and needs expansion. Some material has been provided generously from various archaeologists and their contribution should be recognised if you use the information. Remember the original sources are the most reliable and this website is designed to guide you to those sources.

Click on the Community portal link for more information and guidance about the content of the site.

Click on the Help link for information about creating pages.

Check out the use of Microsoft Photosynth to create interesting stitched images of excavations and sites. See pages using Photosynth by clicking here.


Victoria Park Tunnel

Victoria Park Tunnel


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