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Garry Law 1945 -


Contributor to Archaeopedia.

Past webmaster of the New Zealand Archaeological Association website: and compiler of the NZAA eNews.

An occasionaly updated personal page is Garry Law's New Zealand Archaeology Page

Garry's professional training and career has been as a civil engineer.

Papers on-line

2008: Auckland, August 1908: A Stop on the Great White Fleet World Cruise. 37 pp Maruiwi Press. ISBN 978-0-473-13645-1 On line

2008: Archaeology of the Bay of Plenty . Department of Conservation SCIENCE FOR CONSERVATION series. ISBN 978-0-478-14429-1 On line.

2008: Abundance and Constraint: A Short History of Water Use in New Zealand. 61 pp Maruiwi Press. ISBN 978-0-473-13754-0 On line

2007: Miranda Law and Garry Law (Eds) Recollections of a Voyage to South Australia and New Zealand Commenced in 1838. William Porter. Recorded at Huntly 1907 Maruiwi Press. ISBN 0-476-01579-0 Version on line

2005: Warren Gumbley, Dilys Johns, and Garry Law Management of wetland archaeological sites in New Zealand. Department of Conservation SCIENCE FOR CONSERVATION 246 On line

There are more papers available at

Contributions to Archaeopedia