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The bulk of excavated features confirm the 1908 plan and the layout of the 1907 shops along Hobson St. The excavation results were also plotted against the 1882 Hickson map showing the 19th century structures on the property. This shows that no 19th century remains were recovered from the recorded locations of the buildings, although remnants of associated structures (a field drain, rubbish pit/cesspit and the bases of some small square foundations close to the small building on the eastern boundary) were located. The smaller building at the eastern end of the property may have been between Trenches 3 and 5, and it is possible that one or more of the small square foundations may relate to this building.

Location and Date

  • 152 Hobson St, Downtown Auckland. New Zealand
  • Excavations in 2006
<googlemap lat="-36.849732" lon="174.761088" zoom="15" width="200" height="200" selector="no" controls="small"></googlemap>


Late 19th Century, Early 20th Century Excavations HaB9O21IIAA|200}}


Archaeology Team Responsibilities


Collection of artefacts from the fill.


Excavation Report:


View video at YouTube: Excavation of the well