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Hall-Jones, John 1927-2015

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John Hall-Jones was an outstanding avocational historian who both before and particularly after his retirement from otolaryngology researched and published many books on his native Southland. He produced over 34 books in the process.

While never want to the excavation of sites, he was no mean field archaeologist and references to historic sites always challenged him to find the physical locations. The archaeological remains were well recorded as to where they were to be found and any remains apparent were often illustrated in his books.

He was a regular attender of NZAA annual conferences, and produced a reminiscence on some of his interactions with archaeologists[1].

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His autobiography is A Life Of Adventures 2015 ISBN 9780473333799. At the time of its publication he was interviewed on his life: an-88yearold-indiana-jones-reflects.

He was awarded an OBE in 1995 and an honorary doctorate by the University of Otago,in 2006.

Online obituaries can be found here: http://beattiesbookblog.blogspot.co.nz/2015/12/southern-historian-john-hall-jones-dies.html



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