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Gathercole Peter W 1929-2010

Peter Gathercole
Born in England, Peter was educated at Cambridge[1] and London University, trained as museum curaror at Birmingham Museum. He moved to Dunedin in 1958 to a joint role with Otago Museum and Otago University, taking the same joint role as H D Skinner and worked with him in the Museum. The university position launched the Department of Anthropology at the University. Peter returned to the UK in 1968 but retained a close interest in New Zealand from then on. He re-visited to Dunedin in 2003 to teach a summer school paper. He was an honorary fellow in the university Department of Anthropology, Gender & Sociology[2]. His positions subsequent to 1968 were Lecturer in ethnology, University of Oxford attached to the Pitt-Rivers Museum, 1968–70, Curator of the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 1970–81[3] and then Dean of Darwin College, Cambridge (latterly Emeritus Fellow). He was the first chair of the UK Museum Ethnographers Group in 1975[4][5]. Peter continued a long-standing research interest in the Pacific region drawing particularly on European collections.

He commenced the teaching of modern archaeology at Otago and undertook some excavations drawing on earlier experience in rescue archaeology in Britain. He also undertook excavation on Pitcairn Island[6]. He was an early supporter of the New Zealand Archaeological Association, filling the roles of secretary and vice president. He attended its 50th anniversary conference in 2004.

Peter was a key figure in emergence of modern archaeology in New Zealand and influential in starting many students and subsequent scholars in the subject.

He had a particular interest in the history of anthropology, publishing on Gordon Childe and the on the influence of Marxism, e.g.[7].

Obituaries by Helen Leach and Kevin Jones are in Archaeology in New Zealand 2010, AINZ 53(4):220-224.


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