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William John Elvy

ELVYSM.JPG (1875-1972) MBE. Ethnographer / traditional history recorder in the northern South Island.

Elvy was a survey draftsman working for the Land and Survey Department in their Blenhiem office. He was later a member of six scenic boards in the Marlborough area. Source

His JPS papers show his strong interest in field archaeology - his two books less so, but they are a primary written source of traditional history he recorded for the region.


1926 Supposed Pit-Dwellings in Queen Charlotte Sound, Journal of the Polynesian Society, 35(4):329-332.

1927 Te Rae o Te Karaka. A Pa or Fortified Village in Queen Charlotte Sound, Journal of the Polynesian Society 36(4):367-68.

1939 Allwright's Grave at Waihiria, Mikonui, Near the Old Whaling Station of Haumuri, Journal of the Polynesian Society 48(4):199-200.

1949 Kaikoura Coast, The history traditions and Maori place-names of Kaikoura. Whitcombe and Tombs, Christchurch.

1957 Kei puta te Wairau, A history of Marlborough in Maori times. Whitcombe and Tombs, Christchurch.