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Discovery Hut at Hut Point, Ross Island

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History of its use in the Heroic Era:

1901-1904 National Antarctic Expedition. Discovery Expedition Scott was the leader / Ship Discovery, relief ships Morning and Terra Nova. Built the Discovery Hut, Hut Point.

1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition or Nimrod Expedition. Leader Shackleton / Ship Nimrod and Koonya Re-used the Discovery Hut but were primarily at Cape Royds.

1910-13 British Antarctic Expedition or Terra Nova Expedition Leader Scott / Ship Terra Nova Built the Cape Evans Hut, also built new hut at Cape Adare (now ruinous) and re-used Borchgrevink hut. Re-used the Discovery Hut.

1914-17 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition - Ross Sea Party Overall leader Shackleton but he was not in the Ross Sea area. The Ross Sea Party used Aurora. They used the Cape Evans Hut and re-used the Discovery Hut.

The hut was cleared of ice in the 1960s by methods which left some damage to the hut and much to the contents. The surrounds of the hut have been cleared in the past - non-archaeologicaly. The conservation of the wood fabric is presenting particular difficulties with bacterial attack during the summer in humid condidions, here and at the other huts.

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Discovery Hut

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External Resources

Antarctic Heritage Trust page and virtual tour [1]


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