Cape Adare

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Cape Adare

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History of use of the site in the Heroic Era.

1898-1900 British Antarctic Expedition, or Southern Cross Expedition. Leader: Borchgrevink / Ship: Southern Cross Built two huts at Cape Adare, one now intact. This was the first party to over-winter on the Antarctic Continent.

1910-13 British Antarctic Expedition or Terra Nova Expedition Leader Scott / Ship Terra Nova The northern party under the leadership of Victor Campbell built a new hut at Cape Adare (now ruinous) and re-used Borchgrevink hut. This expedition also built the Cape Evans Hut and re-used the Discovery Hut at Hut Point Ross Island.

Archaeological Investigation

Ice was removed from the Borchgrevink hut in 1961 to allow its re-use and some records were made of the finds. The initial archaeological work at the site was carried out in 1982 by a Canterbury Museum party including David Harrowfield. Harrowfield carried out further archaeological work in 1990.

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Management Plan

Cape Adare huts

External Resources

Antarctic Heritage Trust page and virtual tour [1]


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