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The historic area that the museum is part of includes an historic house, a pa site and the whaling museum. The house was that of William Butler who operated a whaling supply depot at the site. The house has been restored and is an award winning one. The museum is in a modern building and displays many whaling and other artefacts. Some are from excavations at the site. This is a private museum, established in the 1990s by the owners Laetitia and the late Lindo Ferguson[1][2]. Appointments must be made to visit the site.


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William Butler bought the site in 1838[3] and established his house in 1847 and store about the same time. He died there in 1875 and is buried at the site[4].

The store site has been the subject of an archaeological excavation by Auckland University, (see Butler's Point), as has the pa site (by the Department of Conservation).

The house is registered with the Historic Places Trust[5].

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