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Batley, Robert Anthony Leighton 1923 - 2004

Tony Batley at the 1968 NZAA conference in Whanganui

Tony Batley was the grandson of Maowhango pioneer settlers Robert and Emily Batley[1]. He lived and farmed in the area all his life, becoming expert on its human history. His publications mostly relate to his home territory. Tony had a major role in the preservation of the Springvale Bridge and the Moawhango memorial chapel. His efforts to have historic heritage properly considered in the Tongariro power development project lead to an intensive archaeological campaign by Trevor Hosking that Tony oversaw. Tony was to publish a general historical review to accompany the reports[2] but the illustrations were incomplete at the time of his death and the manuscript has languished since.

Tony was President of NZAA, local filekeeper for the site recording scheme, a long term member of the Polynesian Society Board and served for a period on the Historic Places Trust Board.

Janet Davidson contributed an obituary to Archaeology in New Zealand 47(3):162-4.


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