Auckland Draft Unitary Plan

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Auckland Draft Unitary Plan - Heritage Provisions

The Plan has now been notified - the following has been left as a relict for the meantime.

Draft Plan

Warning! The content of this page has not been verified.

If there are any inaccuracies, please drop a note to the webmaster.

In March 2013 Auckland Council published a draft plan. This plan will replace the existing plans produced by the bodies that preceded the Auckland Council. It will be the central planning document for the operation of the RMA in Auckland.

This page is a temporary page to illustrate the archaeological heritage aspects of the draft plan and to enable debate on the changes proposed.

Printed versions of the plan are rare (and very expensive) - It is described as a e-plan and realistically that is the only way to look at it.

Advice is to try to get it on two screens alongside each other - one for the maps and one for the text

The introductory page is here:

The text is here:

The plans are here:


The document is a consultation draft. After consultation it will be revised and formally notified for submissions in September 2013. The best opportunity for revisions may well be in the consultation stage.

The consultation opportunities are listed here:

The process after September is still subject to a Bill before Parliament.

"Assuming that the provisions relating to the Unitary Plan process remain unchanged, the hearing will be held by Independent Commissioners appointed by the Minister for the Environment. The only grounds to appeal the decision on the Unitary Plan will be on points of law to the High Court, unless the Auckland Council rejects the hearing panel’s recommendation, in which case parties will be able to appeal those parts of the decision to the Environment Court." Source

Overarching National Plans

Some national policy statements exist at a higher level:

New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011

Sections of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 have the status of a National Policy Statement. The Hauraki Gulf Act has coverage beyond the Council area as well.

There are also NPSs for electricity transmission and renewable electricity generation. See

Plans to be Superseded

The plans that will be superseded include;

Legacy plans

The Unitary Plan replaces the following legacy council RMA documents:

Plan Text: Heritage Chapter: Maps:
Auckland Regional Policy Statement
Chapter 6 See index here
Auckland Regional Plan: Air, Land, Water
No specific chapter. 
See Chapter 2 Values, 2.2.4 Policies 
See index here - the maps do not appear to be heritage specific
Auckland Regional Plan: Dairy Farm Discharges
There are only general references to cultural heritage. -
Auckland Regional Plan: Coastal
See Chapter 8 Cultural Heritage and Schedules 1 and 2 See index here

The scheduled sites are marked on maps

Auckland Regional Plan: Sediment Control
The plan does not appear to be heritage sensitive.  
Auckland City District Plan – Central area section Index here (with chapter links) Part 10 Heritage

Sites are marked.

Auckland City District Plan – Isthmus section Index here (with chapter links) Part 5 Heritage See index here

Sites are marked on the series 2 maps.r

Franklin District Plan Index here (with chapter links) Part 8 Cultural Heritage

Maps to Part 8 (Seem to be all trees)

Map index
Manukau City District Plan Index here (with chapter links) Chapter 6 Heritage

Sites are scheduled 6F and 6G

Map index

Scheduled sites are marked

North Shore City District Plan Index here (with chapter links) Part 11 Cultural Heritage

Schedule 11B has archaeological sites

Map index

Scheduled sites are marked

Rodney District Plan Index here (with chapter links) Chapter 17 Cultural Heritage

Appendicied 17D- V cover sites

Map index
Papakura District Plan Index here (with chapter links) Part 7 Heritage Management

No sites are scheduled

Map index
Waitākere City District Plan  Index here (with chapter links) Heritage section

Heritage Appendix (Sites schedule)

Map index

Note the above may not include plan changes that have not been consolidated into the plan or that are in progress.

The Unitary Plan does not replace the Auckland Council District Plan (Hauraki Gulf Islands section), which will remain operative. The following plans will continue to apply to the Hauraki Gulf Islands until a plan change is made to incorporate the Hauraki Gulf Islands section of the Auckland Council District Plan into the Unitary Plan: Auckland Council District Plan (Hauraki Gulf Islands Section), Auckland Council Regional Plan (Air, Land and Water), Auckland Council Regional Plan (Sediment Control), Auckland Council Regional Plan (Farm Dairy Discharges).

Auckland Council District Plan (Hauraki Gulf Islands section) Operative 1996.

Plan Text: Heritage Chapter: Maps:
Auckland Council District Plan (Hauraki Gulf Islands section)
 Operative 1996.


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