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Current events - the NZ Archaeology portal website - has hit 2 million pageviews.

Simon and Garry write:

We are looking now to expand the number of contributors to the site which covers a wide range of archaeological topics including information about archaeological excavations, excavators, material culture, methods, conferences, museum collections, book and other media reviews. It is also a great place to showcase work you are doing and even archive information you know needs to be out there!

We know we have an audience for this information so if you want to help out, we can help set you up as a page creator or editor (it is easy!). If you have old documents, photographs, archaeological related music (it exists: or video, contact us here or here and join the group.

Old student essays, unpublished reports, drawings, photos, old postcards, cartoons, poems, good quotations, stories and other tall tales related to archaeology in NZ are a great resource. We can help with digitising if needed.

Check out our very popular page on Kitsch and contribute other items you know about. The most popular pages on the wiki are linked here.