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Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This is the place to find out what's happening on Archaeopedia. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups there are to join, and get or post news about recent events or current activities taking place on Archaeopedia.

We have started to adding content to the website although it is early days still. If you have information relating to old archaeological excavations in New Zealand, then contact us at



Who are we?

Archaeopedia.Com is a group of archaeologists working on sharing information about archaeology to fellow professionals. At present we are focused primarily on New Zealand but we hope to expand out into looking into the Pacific archaeological scene next and elsewhere from there.

What is the website for?

The website is for anybody interested in archaeology in New Zealand. It is primarily designed for the archaeological community but not restricted to it. We are hoping to provide a portal to the technical information used by archaeologists as well as capture some of the social history of our discipline through the years.

How reliable is the information?

The archaeologists who contribute are professionals archaeologists and where possible the information is designed to be reliable. However, as this is early days we do not yet have full verification organised and the information is provided here to help people find out where to look for more information rather than to be considered a definitive source of data. We hope to improve that, but as the information is provided free of charge, we take no responsibility for how you use that information.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for using the website. The content is created by volunteers. However, we hope that sponsors amongst the professional community will contribute and advertising is also available to those who would like to help out the project. Contact us for further information.

How do I contribute?

If you would like to contribute information, just send us an email. Logins to the website at this stage are only available to those archaeologists that we know (or know of) so that we can maintain the quality. However, if you have photos, stories or other information to contribute then we will be happy to examine it and put in on our website (with credits if you want) if we think it is appropriate.

Why use a Wiki?

There are lots of ways of presenting the information but we are following the lead of sites such as Wikipedia which provide a flexible framework to presenting textual and multimedia information in a variety of searchable formats.

Why is most of the information from the Auckland Region (and other biases!)

We are just starting out and we have started with the information closest to hand. We will address these problems as we go. If you really do not like it, then join up and give us a hand!

We are encouraging archaeologists who have worked in New Zealand to participate first and preferences will be given to those people first - while we get things going.

Wiki Guidance

This is for contributors and is based on how Wikipedia operates:

Neutral Point of View

Articles should not be advocacy but statements of fact and commonly accepted interpretation.

There is the opportunity for review but such articles should clearly be labelled as personal opinion: use the Pop  template thus {{Pop}}.

Advertisements for consultants are accepted but are at the discretion of the managers.

The library of templates can be seen here.


Statements should be referenced as to their sources. Where they are not and are needed then use the Citation needed template, thus {{Citation needed}}.

It will insert this in the text: Citation needed

Where a whole article needs attention use the UnderReview template thus {{UnderReview}} template, or the Rewrite template thus {{Rewrite}}.

No Original Research

A Wiki is not the place to initiate the publication of original research which is in the nature of a synthesis. However brief reports on excavations are very welcome. See here for some examples.

Be Bold

"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet." [Laozi] Chinese philosopher.

The message is to start - the processes of a Wiki should lead to the enhancement and correction of any initial errors or inadequacies. If you know an article is very brief then use the Stub template thus {{Stub}} to indicate this and to invite further contributions.

It will insert this text:

Warning.png This page is a Stub
Further content needs to be added. For changes please drop a note to the webmaster.

Discuss an Article

Its often best to start a discussion about an article rather than undertake radical editing. As with Wikipedia discussion pages, named Talk:(article name) pages can be contributed to. Use the discussion tab at the top of the article to be discussed to access these. If a discussion does not exist already you will have the opportunity to start one.

There is a discussion page for this community portal article - use the tab at the page top.

Article and Category Titles

Don't run words together. Use 'Wellington Railway Station', not 'WellingtonRailwayStation'. The latter are called 'camel titles' and are unnecessary.

So Fix It

Obvious really - if there is something wrong - fix it!

Other Editing Tips

See the help button at the left.

The inspiration for this was Lih, Andrew, 2009 The Wikipedia Revolution. Hyperion, New York.