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University Courses in NZ


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A number of universities in New Zealand teach some archaeology components at undergraduate level.
In Anthropology Departments:

  • University of Auckland

- University anthropology page

- Archaeopedia University of Auckland category page

In other Departments:


At post-graduate level, two universities teach New Zealand archaeology:


To become a conservator you need to have a tertiary qualification in conservation studies. Employers increasingly prefer candidates to have a Master of Arts in conservation studies. This degree is currently only available overseas, in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The nearest university offering a relevant Master of Arts is the University of Melbourne, Australia. An undergraduate degree in subjects such as cultural heritage studies, archaeology, anthropology, organic chemistry, science, art history, or fine arts is needed to enter postgraduate training (taken from the Careers Services web page for Museum Conservator).

Victoria University of Wellington offers a MSc (Master of Science) in Heritage Materials Science, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate. An arrangement exists between VUW and the University of Melbourne regarding completion of the certificate and a transfer to the MA in conservation at Melbourne. The Qualification from VUW will not qualify a graduate as a conservator, but could assist them in application for "Associate Conservator" status

University Departments outside NZ list of postgraduate archaeology schools in Australia Here

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Theses relating to Archaeology

Lists of recent theses, with abstracts are occasionaly published in Archaeology in New Zealand.

External Links

Theses and Research Essays in the Piddington Room, Anthropology, Auckland University Link.

Kept here are Auckland anthropology theses and copies of some other relevant ones from other universities.